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Welcome to your Ontario Cottage Portal a source for Vacation Properties!

When it was time to plan your family houseboat vacation here is the criteria that might help you decide on a houseboat rental and even if you are searching for a marina to sell or service your boat. Hope this helps with your decision! We have found the Internet to have sites that are a little misleading and you need to ask the right questions to get what you are looking for and believe you are ordering.

Some questions that may help you choose the right company for your vacation.
1. Are they professional, is their web site clean, comprehensive and easy to navigate, an indicator of how organized or not they might be?
2. Do they list numerous testimonials from satisfied clients?
3. Do they advertise other businesses ones that are also vacation oriented?
4. Do they have printed colour brochures, videos or other demonstration tools?
5. Do they have a photo gallery of the region's tourist attractions and their boats?
6. Is their web site well organized and easy to find what you need?
7. Do they have sufficient boats available or simply talk the talk?
8. Do they offer multiple means of contact, email, 800 number, address and map?
9. On your initial contact do you get a good first impression of the company?
10. Is the information given factual or meant to mislead?
11. Do they warn you about areas that should be avoided, like deep lakes during turbulent weather?
12. Do they offer free training before you set out?

Need a larger boat, we recommend renting two smaller houseboats. Flexibility and ease of use are achieved when one group wants to say, play golf and the other wishes to go sight seeing or shopping. The smaller boats are easier to maneuver, two can give equal or more space and allows for one houseboat to be used as a social platform while the other may be used for those who need to get their rest early. Just makes more sense and may even be more economical.


You've chosen the company from whom you wish to rent your summer houseboat and have made your reservation. Most companies have a check list of what you should bring and here we may have duplicated that effort but check twice and have a great house boating vacation.

Important Items to ensure no legal hang ups:
Your confirmation paperwork and photo ID of anyone that will be operating the rentals
First Aid Kit
Fitted life jackets for all but especially small children

Personal Items:
Sunscreen, Bug spray, Hats. Sunglasses, Towels, Fishing license if required or arrange to secure one, Playing cards, Games, Movies, Lamps or flashlights, Binoculars, Camera, Books, A good supply of batteries and more.

Food Preparation Items:
Meal planning should be done well in advance and is the task requiring a lot of time and easy to mess up. (remember all the spices and extras) Lots of Paper plates and utensils (approximately 20 each per person)
Sealable containers or ziploc bags
Paper towels, Dish Towels, Bottled water

Other things you may want or need to bring from home:
Bed linens, bath towels, Barbecue utensils

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  • Now you know where the boat launches are, where the deep holes and shallow areas are and can determine where you want to enter and fish before you start.
  • You may order a copy of the original lake map plotting the lake bottom (bathemetry). These maps are a "brownish-sepia" colour., See the SAMPLE MAP - size may vary by lake. They come as a 200dpi JPG. Email $7.50 ecash plus the password challenge question to Within 48 hours at the most we'll email you the map. Suitable for framing!

Cottages for Rent, today, many cottage owners are renting out their private cottages to offset excessive taxes and levies. If you're looking for a cottage to buy in a specific area what better way to get to know the area, rent first.
Cottages for Sale, as markets for real estate change so does ownership of cottages properties. Take a close look there are still bargains to be had.
Resorts, if a structured vacation in the outdoors is your goal then there is no better place then to visit a resort or cottage resort. Many cater to families and have multiple outdoor activities for the kids every day.
Inns/B&Bs, you're more into traveling around and don't want to waste time finding lodging and restaurants then an Inn or a Bed and Breakfast fill the bill.
Houseboats, once you've experienced this kind of vacation if you're like most you're hooked. No traffic yet you have full mobility to visit towns and villages for shopping, dining or simply sightseeing or golfing at lakeside clubs.
Camping, is economical, comfortable and social allowing you the ability to visit large areas of a country or region while making new friends along the way.
RV Parks, recreational vehicle campers are a great bunch to get to know. Friendly and outgoing you'll find a new experience at every stop.
Marinas, it's always wise to scout out marinas if you plan to travel with your boat in tow or on the water so you can quickly arrange help if you require it.
Dining, what's a vacation without dining, well on today's budget at least one fine meal, do your research on the Internet and sit back and relax once started.